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WhatsApp Chatbot (Tsotsoma)

The Lesotho PostBank WhatsApp Chatbot (Tsotsoma) is an innovative solution that integrates the power of WhatsApp with cutting-edge AI technology to enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and provide exceptional support.

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, traditional communication channels often fail to meet the growing expectations of customers. Delays in response, limited availability, and lack of personalized interactions can result in customer dissatisfaction. Lesotho PostBank aims to overcome these challenges by introducing a WhatsApp Chatbot that delivers real-time support, instant access to information, and personalized interactions.

Chatbot(Tsotsoma) Features

Account Status Check (Dormancy):

One can verify the status of dormant accounts, promoting proactive account management and user engagement.

Comprehensive FAQs:

Comprehensive answers to a diverse array of frequently asked questions, encompassing topics such as account opening, loan prerequisites, digital channels, and more.

Promotions Showcase and Opt-in Capability:

Displays enticing promotions and offers users the convenience to opt-in for receiving promotional content, nurturing a vibrant customer relationship.

ATM Status Verification:

Empowers users to effortlessly check the availability of ATMs in specific locations, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

KYC Submission Facilitation:

Has a simplified process for Know Your Customer (KYC) documents, promoting compliance and efficient account management.

KYC Status Inquiry:

Once can instantly inquire about the status of submitted KYC documents, ensuring customers remain informed about their account verification progress.

Live Consultation via Chat:

One can initiate real-time consultations with bank consultants through chat, fostering immediate and personalized assistance (Toll-free operating hours apply)

Post-Consultation Customer Satisfaction Survey:

The Bank will be able to gather valuable feedback by conducting customer satisfaction surveys following live consultations, enabling continuous service enhancement.