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Internet Banking

Savings & Investments Accounts

Every account is different. But the one thing common to all is a letter of proof of residence.
Download the proof of residence form required to open an account.

A savings account aimed for parents/guardians with the sole purpose of saving for underage (less 18 year) clients while also having the liberty to withdraw or add funds when desired. Interest is calculated daily and liquidated monthly into the account.

A savings account that encourages an individual to save funds that will bear interest on the minimum amount set while also being able to access the funds when needed. Can deposit any amount anytime.

An investment account that offers good interest while allowing easy access to the money when required and also allowing additional deposits via an operating account, any time. It is suitable for individuals, businesses, and groups that have substantial surplus funds.

An investment account that allows a top-up and partial redemption. It is a highly flexible investment with high interest rates, suitable for individuals, businesses, and groups.




This investment offers customers an opportunity to establish financial wealth through monthly installments while earning competitive interest rates. The investment product does not allow the customer to make any withdrawals during the life of the investment, but only to deposit the required amount until the agreed period. If the customer fails to deposit the minimum required amount for two consecutive months, the investment will laps.

An investment account that allows a customer to invest a sum of funds once off, for a specified investment period. The investment attracts a very competitive interest rate.