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Agriculture Finance & Loans

Agric Short Term Loan

long term loan aimed at financing agribusiness with assets from which cash return are realized after a long period. The assets contribute in production cycle e.g. broiler machinery.

Facility Information

Why This Finance Facility?

Understanding all details around this product will help you decide if this is the right product for you.

Prime linked and risk based.

Assist in the expansion of the Agric enterprise mainly by expanding the infrastructure required.

Not for consolidation of debt and/or settlement of debts.

Greater than 6 months.

Agricultural loan officer farm visit report. Minimum of 1 year experience in crop enterprise or qualification of the clients in relation to loan requested. Collateral required. Account with LPB . Proof of ID/passport. Map to the client's residential place: owned and rented.

Maturity of assets loan shall depend on applicant request but should range from 1 year to 5 years. Generally, could be 3 years with the exception of plant and construction. Limits: adopt current lending limit process. Only 80% of assets value is financed the balance borne by the client. As a general rule crop instalment must be paid monthly as much as possible. Grace period and other form of irregular payment is allowed where deemed necessary.


Processing fee of 2.8% of the loan amount

Regularly Update Your Personal Details

Use Your Account Without Restrictions

As part of the country’s fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism, we are required by law to keep updated personal records of our existing clients. Visit the nearest Lesotho PostBank branch with your valid identity document, proof of residence, and proof of income if have not updated your documents in the last 24 months.