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Internet Banking


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It is an account aimed for nonprofit making organizations/groups with the minimum from two or more individuals either formally or informally with aim to save funds and enhance their financial needs.

A business current account aimed for individual small and medium scale enterprises trading informally or formally to save funds to enhance their personal and organization’s needs. The account is for enterprises with a monthly turnover of M8 300 and an annual turnover of M100 000.

A business current account aimed for registered medium enterprises with a maximum annual turnover of M1 000 000 or less (monthly turnover of M83 000 or less).

A specialized overdraft current account offered strictly to Maluti Mountain Brewery (MMB) customers (wholesalers, retailers, and taverns). The customers have to have a primary personal business account.

A transactional account meant for high revenue corporates with a minimum annual turnover of M1 million. The account is also ideal for government ministries, parastatals, and NGOs.

An investment account that offers good interest while allowing easy access to the money when required and also allowing additional deposits via an operating account, any time. It is suitable for individuals, businesses, and groups that have substantial surplus funds.

This investment offers customers an opportunity to establish financial wealth through monthly installments while earning competitive interest rates. The investment product does not allow the customer to make any withdrawals during the life of the investment, but only to deposit the required amount until the agreed period. If the customer fails to deposit the minimum …

An investment account that allows a customer to invest a sum of funds once off, for a specified investment period. The investment attracts a very competitive interest rate.

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