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Internet Banking

Personal Accounts

Fupe Account

An investment account that allows a top-up and partial redemption. It is a highly flexible investment with high interest rates, suitable for individuals, businesses, and groups.

Why This Account?

Understanding all details around this account will help you decide if this is the right account for you.


  • Minimum opening balance of M 1000.00
  • Investment terms from 3 – 36 months
  • Interest accrued daily and liquidated at maturity
  • Funds may be pledged as collateral
  • Customer may top up the value of the investment at any given period of time
  • Customer may make 2 withdrawals during the life of the investment. Withdrawals may not exceed accumulative amount of 20% of investment amount
  • Pre-termination of the investment can lead to penalty on the interest accrued.


  • Personal documents for all signatories (Proof of residence and Id’s/passports)
  • Tax clearance
  • Traders license
  • Company Extract
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Resolution letter to open an account
  • Valid identity document (National ID/Passport)
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of income
  • Personal documents for all signatories (Proof of residence and Id’s/passports)
  • Constitution
  • Resolution letter to open an account

Ready to get started?

Regularly Update Your Personal Details

Use Your Account Without Restrictions

As part of the country’s fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism, we are required by law to keep updated personal records of our existing clients. Visit the nearest Lesotho PostBank branch with your valid identity document, proof of residence, and proof of income if have not updated your documents in the last 24 months.